What leather we use

Our commitment to quality shines through in every aspect of our brand, including the leather we use. As a premium leather brand, we only choose to work with the finest full grain leather. This type of leather is the topmost layer of the hide and is renowned for its durability, natural markings, and beautiful patina.

What is Full Grain Leather?



Full grain leather is the topmost layer of the hide and is considered the highest quality leather available. Unlike split grain or corrected grain leather, full grain leather retains all its natural markings and texture, providing each piece with a unique and authentic look.

Why We Choose Full Grain Leather?

At TASA, we believe in creating products that last a lifetime. That’s why we choose to use full grain leather, known for its ability to develop a beautiful patina over time and become even more stunning with age. Our full grain leather products are not only aesthetically pleasing but also strong and durable, able to stand the test of time.

Experience the Difference with TASA

When you choose TASA, you’re choosing quality leather products made with the finest full grain leather. Experience the difference and invest in a piece that will only get better with age.”

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